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"I'm a writer--by definition a very sedentary job. Luis has been so smart in how he's developed a fitness routine and long-term plan for me. He's gotten me out from behind my desk and into the gym. I'm feeling stronger, healthier and more physically confident than I've been in a long time. I think he has a gift--he honors where you're at, then helps you get to where you actually want to be."

Melanie Marnich - Golden Globe-winning writer and an internationally produced, award-winning playwright

“I went through about a year of traveling a lot, being sick and working long hours and as a result, got out of shape.  Luis was the perfect mix of fun, intelligence and challenge for me to get back in shape.  I also value knowing the technical aspects of fitness and diet.  Luis is very knowledgeable in both physiology and nutrition.”

Michael Barton Tech Startup Executive / Leadership Coach - Los Angeles ,CA

I met Luis and he taught me to work my CORE in a fantastic way. Besides it being fun, he focused on improving my athletic state and giving me the confidence to train and forget about my constant lower back discomfort. Luis is the right person for anyone who wants to be in shape, wants to learn different types of training, whether it is weights, stretching, balance or core strength… in addition to having the experience to advise you on your diet. Definitely Luis is the complete package!

Martin Zuñiga - Emmy Award Winning Soccer Analyst and TV Host at Fox Deportes/Spectrum Deportes

“I have been training with Luis Suarez (in addition to working out on my own) and I would just like to say that I think he perfectly epitomizes everything that I think Equinox wants from its staff and personal trainers. He is friendly, knowledgable and above all else, motivating.”


Robert Harold - Tech Professional - Globetrotter - Los Angeles ,CA

“Luis has very good warm energy. Just being around his smile and energy is motivating. Luis‘s teaching style is consistent, I like that he always corrected our postures to ensure we were getting maximum benefit and our goals would be met. Fun, oh yes, and effective because we were shown how to do it correctly.”

Julia Linford - International Spa Consultant - Natural Spa Creative, Vancouver, BC

“The fitness plan was according to my needs and my capacity. His teaching style was light and funny but still demanding … I wish we had more time to train but also in this short time I could already feel much stronger”

Daniela Karagi - Eco-Luxury Homes Concept Designer -- Itacaré, Bahia

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