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Training Philosophy

If you are committed and ready to make a change, I am your guy. My clients regularly text me photos of their meals asking, “Luis, can I eat this?” I make sure I am always present outside of the 2 or 3 hours you see me each week. I enjoy building a relationship with my clients, and it's this relationship that guides them to the lifestyle they want. 

I don't think working out has to be painful or grueling. Getting into your best shape should be fun, social, empowering and inspiring. It's more than just losing a few pounds.  I want my clients to feel good about who they are and to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I utilize a unique approach to personal training focused on high intensity circuits. We will maximize your results and push you to a higher level of fitness with each session.  You'll feel stronger week after week by increasing strength, flexibility and stamina. I view myself as your personal body transformation specialist.  You’ve got nothing to lose except a few extra pounds, some old habits and some self-doubt. 


Born and raised in Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA, Luis is a travel-loving, multicultural foodie and passionate entrepreneur focused on wellness. Luis is a UC Berkeley graduate and a NASM-CPT certified Trainer and Precision Nutrition certified Nutritionist.


Luis wasn't born into the healthiest conditions. Growing up in inner city Los Angeles, he was considered an ‘at-risk’ youth in his late teens. His lifestyle and environment were negatively affecting his body, self-esteem and health, and he didn’t even know it! One day, Luis picked up and read "Fast Food Nation” by Eric Scholosser and that lead him to join the local 24-hour Fitness. Luis quickly realized the importance of nutrition and fitness, which sparked a powerful dedication to live his life as HEALTHY, EDUCATED, and HAPPY as possible. These days, Luis is passionate about teaching fitness and nutrition to the urban and Latino communities, and he credits his background and family for making him who he is today. 


After college, Luis acted on his passion for wellness and his desire to experience more of the world.  He moved to Brazil and opened various ventures in South America, including sourcing superfood granolas from the Atlantic Forests of Brazil. After some time abroad, he realized he wanted to return home to the US and grow professionally and give back to his community.  He relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 and became a trainer at Equinox Fitness. He has been a hit ever since.


When Luis is not busy growing his business, teaching about nutrition or training his clients, you can find him trekking the great outdoors or discovering new restaurants.  Luis is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


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