Stressed, Anxious, Or Feeling Heavy? Let’s CHANGE That


Whether you’re an athlete or overworked entrepreneur, an executive or a busy parent, as modern day humans we all have something in common that prevents us from getting the most out of life: Stress.


Stress is a silent killer. It sucks the life out of you, dragging your energy downwards while expanding your waistline outwards.


CortiZen can put an end to that.





Adaptogens are a Nootropic, meaning they improve neurological health and cognitive function, particularly enhancing mood, memory, clarity, and motivation.


Stress creates an inflammatory response that negatively impacts your ability to focus and depletes vital nutrients that are required for optimal brain function. Taking the right adaptogens daily can provide a 3-stage Nootropic effect by supplying nutrients that improves mental sharpness, reduces harmful inflammation and sustainably restores your natural defense against future stress*


Cortisol: The Good

Cortisol is your “Fight or Flight” hormone, which has a variety of beneficial functions in your body and is largely responsible for your immune health, regulating blood sugar, providing you with energy and responding to stress by becoming a soothing mechanism.


Cortisol: The Bad

Problems arise when cortisol levels become chronically elevated, which opens the door to a plethora of health complications including chronic inflammation, a weak immune system, low energy levels, mood issues, insulin resistance and increased body fat.


CortiZen: The Solution

CortiZen is like hitting the reset button on your health. Taking CortiZen daily results in rejuvenated hormones, improved focus, less brain fog, better sleep, reduced sugar cravings, accelerated weight loss and a healthier metabolism.




CortiZen’s formula features a trade secret extraction process that is alcohol and chemical-free and we use non denatured adaptogenic herbs and plants that are wild sourced or native grown. The result is an unmatched absorption rate with a gut-friendly combination of live ingredients that can support beneficial stomach bacteria.


Since many of our clients are Athletes we ensure that each newly manufactured batch of CortiZen is certified free of banned substances, has no traces of contaminates or heavy metals, and is gluten free. We routinely test for potency and purity and we are proud to share our certificate of analysis with you.


CortiZen consistently achieves a perfect 100% purity and 100% +potency score, meaning that what is written on our label is exactly what is inside the bottle. In fact, CortiZen is slightly more potent than advertised on the label, as you can see here with laboratory results confirming a perfect 100% analysis of the stated dose or slightly higher.


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