The Ultimate Guide To Cooking The Perfect Meal

Finally! A Meal Prep Guide For Latinxs That Want Abs Without Sacrificing Flavor!

This Easy To Follow Guide Will Change Your Perspective of "Meal Prep" Forever!

Download My Ultimate Guide To Cooking The Perfect Meal & Learn, Step-By-Step, What Ingredients To Buy, How To Balance Them In Your Meals, & What The Right Portions Are For You!

An Easy & Simple Way To Plan & Prepare Meals That Support Your Body Shape Goals 
(Easy To Prepare & Delicious)

What's Inside This Guide?

  • Real Nutrition: You'll learn that eating to reach your goals is the opposite of starving! These meals are good for you!
  • Affordable & Easy to Find Ingredients: I'll give a list of ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store & how to use them to reach your dream body.
  • ​​Serving Sizes: I'll teach you an easy way to find the right portion for you (no scales or measuring cups)!
  • Delicious Meals: These are not restrictive meals. You will enjoy a variety of meals & ingredients that are good for you and your body (no chicken & broccoli every day).

Also, You Will:

  • Get More Energy: These ingredients will give you the right amount of nutrients needed to do effective workouts!
  •  Reach Your Goals: These Meals & Portions Are Designed To Lose Body Fat & Increase Muscle!

Who Is Luis Suarez... & Why Is He Giving Away For FREE This Amazing Nutrition Guide?

I'm a multicultural person. Son of inmigrants, borned in the USA, and traveling across the world to learn & teach everything related to fitness & nutrition.

I've Learned That Eating Your Greens Is Not Enough For Losing Body Fat & Building Muscle...

I believe that a right nutrition MUST BE delicious, good for your body, and accessible to everyone!

  • ​I've helped hundreds of men & women reach their best body shape & to keep those results by introducing a new lifestyle.
  • I've been featured by important brands and channels to share some of my fitness routines.
  • I've worked with important influencers to share fit recipes to the amazing social media community.
  • ​NASM-CPT (Personal Trainer)
  • Precision Nutrition certified (Nutritiant)
  • Pre/Post natal certified

Still Hesitating About Downloading This Guide?

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